New Era Laundry
Earn Free Dries
616 Montgomery Road
Montgomery, IL 60538
(630) 898-8030
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New Era Laundry was established in May of 2006. As president of this company, I, John Htun and the rest of the New Era Laundry team would personally love to invite you to our Laundromat. New Era Laundry provides our guests with the cleanest facility and fairest prices anywhere. We are open every day with friendly attendants to help you with all your washing needs. As an appreciation to your loyalty we offer numerous promotions daily and throughout the year. We are dedicated to the happiness of our guests.

Our facility is often imitated by many but never duplicated by anyone. The building spans 4400 square feet. We have an astounding 54 washers and 64 dryers including 7 mega-load 80 pound washers. Many of our competitors try to skim you on quality by only letting each machine run with one wash and two rinse cycles. Others may try to use less water per cycle. This affects the quality of your washing. New Era Laundry guarantees that each of our washers run two wash and three rinse cycles with plenty of water. We have encountered many testimonials that back our store.

Gone are the days of lugging around bags of quarters to wash your clothes. New Era Laundry has adopted the technologically advanced laundry card. This card works just like a debit card. You put your money in a laundry card and use that card with any washer or dryer. No matter what balance is left on the card, our network guarantees that your balance never expires. The card also keeps track of any free dries that you have earned and your Wash to Win status. New Era Laundry also allows you to check your balance from home. So keep your coins at home because you won't need them here.

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